Woom LOKKI hjólalás

Woom LOKKI hjólalás

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Our bike lock made of hardened steel comes with a fabric sleeve to protect paintwork and can be locked/unlocked using a four-digit code to ensure protection at security level 8.

Secure your beloved woom bike in a matter of seconds with our LOKKI bike lock. There is no key needed – just choose a numeric code with four digits. Even a spontaneous pick up from kindergarden by grandparents or friends is possible with this easy-to-use lock. Riders can personalise their lock by adding their name, so they won't get it mixed up with someone else's.

- 61 cm chain length
- 6 mm chain thickness
- Weight: 654 g
- Hardened steel
- Security level 8
- Numeric code with four digits
- Abrasion-resistant fabric sleeve protects the paint of the bicycle
- Space for your child's name avoids any mix-ups (be sure to use waterproof ink)