Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle
Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle
Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle
Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle

Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle

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Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle

Simple & Bombproof!

Who else could Peaty's partnered with on a water bottle other than the german masters of magnetism - Fidlock! With their twist magnetic / mechanical locking system, this really is a revolution to the age-old water bottle / bottle cage combo.

Key features of the Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle

  • 600 ml bottle volume
  • locking base included
  • cageless and lightweight
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe up to 60°C


Details of the Peaty's x Fidlock Lockin Bottle

Removing the need for a bottle cage, the twist mechanism uses a super strong neodymium magnet base plate, combined with a genius locking mechanism hidden within the bottle to create a bottle which looks better and holds to the bike more securely than anything else in the market. With the minimal magnetic base being the only part fastened to the bike, the bottle appears to effortlessly float when attached to the bike then leaves your bike looking clean when the bottle is removed.

Strong magnets attract, center, and latch the bottle magnetically to the base and the mechanical lock keeps the bottle securely attached to the frame even on the roughest of terrain. Simply hold the bottle inline to the magnetic mount and your bottle will snap into place!

The bottle can only be removed with a twist to the right. Twisting sideways - rather than lifting straight upwards like most conventional bottle cages means even small frames that offer no space for conventional bottle cages can be equipped with a water bottle. The base mount is attached to the bike frame using standard bottle cage mounts.