Nukeproof Enduro Strap
Nukeproof Enduro Strap

Nukeproof Enduro Strap

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As enduro riding becomes more challenging, so the need to carry spares securely and conveniently is vital. This durable and reliable strap by Nukeproof keeps your extra essentials firmly tethered to your bike instead of your back. Attaching your spares to your frame or saddle means you don't need to carry a bag or frees up or extra space in your bag for the likes of nutrition, gadgets and other must-haves.

One strap will safely and comfortably hold a spare inner tube and two CO2 cannisters and is available in two lengths, 38cm for saddles and 60cm for frames.


  • 1. Get your spare tube and ensure that it is neatly folded. Gather any other accessories you want to carry (multi tool, CO2 etc)
  • 2. Lay the strap flat, the side with the rubber grip area should be facing you
  • 3. Place the inner tube on the strap and secure in place using the two loops
  • 4. Turn the strap over
  • 5. Get your accessories and push them between the strap & the tube
  • 6. Take the loaded strap to your bike and set the rubber contact bars against the frame or saddle
  • 7. Put the strap round the frame / saddle, though the loop and then back on itself, pull it tight and ensure the Velcro is securely in place
  • 8. When mounting to your frame, ensure that the strap will not obstruct your shock or get in the way of other moving parts
  • 9. On the 38cm strap there are extra Velcro securing tabs to go over the strap for added security, these can now be fastened
  • 10. Go and enjoy your ride


  • Short: 38cm (For attaching to your saddle but can be used on frames with skinny tubing)
  • Long: 60cm (For attaching to the frame but will also work on the saddle)
  • Available in 6 Horizon Colourways