Giant Explore E+ 3 STA

Giant Explore E+ 3 STA

429.990 kr
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429.990 kr
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Rafmagns-hjól gera lífið auðveldara, og skemmtilegra! Vindur og brekkur eru ekki lengur fyrirstaða heldur bara hluti leiðarinnar. Frelsið sem fylgir því að bruna um bæinn, sveitina eða fjöllin gerir lífið ennþá betra.
Pick your destination and find joy in the journey. This new E-bike is ideal for trekking, giving you the power to ride farther with a boost that’s pure fun.
The new Explore E+ is engineered to help you make the most of every journey. The ALUXX SL aluminum frame features a step-through design, making it easier to mount and dismount while carrying bags or panniers. Its powerful and tunable SyncDrive motor and integrated EnergyPak provide a smooth, seamless boost of power so you can cover greater distances and conquer steep climbs. Its integrated rack mounts allow you to customize your cargo capacity, making it easier to carry the essentials for journeys near and far.


Overall stability

The ALUXX aluminum frameset and SyncDrive motor combine for smooth handling and acceleration on all types of roads from hills to flats.

Explore new routes

The RideControl EVO with on-board navigation helps riders find their way, and smartphone connectivity makes it easy to keep the battery charged.

Longer range

Explore E+ gives riders the freedom to ride farther with its EnergyPak Smart Battery.


How far can I expect to ride on a single battery charge?

The range for a single battery charge can vary greatly depending on conditions such as the combined weight of the rider and cargo; wind resistance; tire pressure and tread profile; terrain and elevation changes; road or trail surface; outdoor temperature; maintenance of the E-Bike; and the condition of the battery.

The bar below gives an approximate range. Conditions are categorized as extreme, good and ideal. Extreme conditions typically occur when riding with a heavy load, strong headwinds or excessive climbs.

 - Extreme 52km

 - Good 125km

 - Ideal 180km